Hello Again

Hello Again began as a service-oriented company that involved a physical person traveling down with equipment to their users’ homes with camera and lighting gear to record a short video, and has decided to pivot to a software company that uses an app (across iOS, Android and Web platforms) to solve their users’ problems.

With the promise to continuously create the perfect platform so that everyone can obtain a piece of immortality, by way of an intimate Video Memory, Hello Again enables users to create personalized, timeless pieces of memories for their loved ones and friends.

Core Purpose

Hello Again’s core purpose was to provide the opportunity of creating a video memoir of yourself reliving some of your favorite moments in time – birthdays, graduations, wedding, childbirth, retirement, an unforgettable vacation. They prodded us with the question of “how much more meaningful would it be for your loved ones to hear & see you recount some of your most priceless endeavors?”

We quickly realised that they wanted us to empower their purpose through a multifunctional app to enable their users to record memories. We also took on the challenge to rebrand their venture to better suit their user base and position them better in the market.


Create a truly global brand for Hello Again, with a powerful and easy-to-navigate app.

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